This web site is an archive of information about the currently inactive Friday the Thirteenth Folk Club.

The Friday the Thirteenth Folk Club used to meet every Friday night at the Empress in Church Square, Harrogate. The last meeting of the Folk Club was held on 16 December 2005 - you can read the reasons why it closed here.

If you have an interest in the many folk clubs that have existed over the years in the Harrogate area you should visit Mark Ellisons Wikispaces site. This is a wiki site, which means that you can contribute to it. You might be familiar with Wikipedia, but if you're not, the basic idea is that you can add information easily and directly, without the need to submit changes via a site webmaster. By adding facts about a club, a photo, or just a quick comment you can help to make these pages as interesting and informative as possible.

The Harrogate folk club scene has spawned a great number of folk dance and mumming teams starting with the Knaresborough Mummers in 1974 and Betty Lupton's Ladle Laikers in 1977. To see what is currently happening a good starting point would be this site.

Chas Marshall - based on original work by Phil Legard - last update November 2009