Related Activities

Tap and Spile Music Sessions

Playing for Dancing

Some the the club's musicians also play for one or two local folk dance clubs. Anyone can play along but there is no fee - it is done for "nowt"!

Ray Black also runs a folk dance band called the Dark Horse Ceilidh Band.

Busking and Fund Raising

We occasionally hold busking sessions in the town centre to raise funds for the club. These can be great fun and again - anyone is welcome.

Every year folk club performers put on a folk evening out in the Dales to raise money for The Nidderdale Festival. We have also done the same sort of thing for a church in Starbeck. The session players went along to Henshaw's en-masse last year to play along with their musicians and generally entertain all the students. We are always happy to do charity playing for interested parties.


A possible future project will be to start free workshops to encourage people to develop their skills and/or self confidence to sing or play at the club or in a session.