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At the 10th Clogfest in Skipton - 9th July 2011. "Depping" as musician for The New Spice Girls. With thanks to Rob Furniss, their melodeonist, for help with the tunes.

Clogarhythm at the 10th Clogfest in Skipton - 9th July 2011.

My first performance with the Knaresborough Mummers as the "King of Egypt" at Hubberholme in Wharfedale. Easter 1975.

A rare shot of the short-lived Hornblower Morris who were based in Ripon. Dancing at Fearby, near Masham, on 26th April 1981 - snow still on the ground!


Easter 2010 : 2nd April to 5th April

I never really expected to get a certificate when I attended the Fenland Tunes Workshop - the very first folk workshop run at Gleanings Rural Study Centre in Shropshire - but then this was a weekend full of delightful surprises.

Mary Humphreys and Anahata taught a variety of Fenland tunes with their customary skill and expertise including several from the manuscript of William Clark from Feltwell.

There was a great bunch of folk on the course, including Peter and Lyn Law, who brought along the original William Clark manuscript. We all got on together very well.

Gleanings is in a stunning location with views across open countryside towards the Stiperstones.

Our hosts, John and Yvonne Hart, provided wonderful food, friendly hospitality, guided walks and even arranged a meet up with musicians at the Miners Arms at Priestweston on the Saturday Night. Then on Sunday they organised a session with some local folk singers and musicians at Gleanings.

Highly recommended - have a look at their programme.

Kitsyke Will at the Knaresborough Folk Club - held in the Stable Bar of the Royal Oak, Bond End, Knaresborough. From left to right - Bob Thomas, Peadar Long, Chas Marshall and Tony Bayliss. November 1975.

Another shot of Kitsyke Will in November 1975, this time at the Harefield Hall in Pateley Bridge. Performing "the Kerry Recruit".

Pomfret Morris dancing in front of York Minster on a tour with the Shropshire Bedlams and Martha Rhoden's Tupenny Dish. The exact date in not known - about 1978.

Insword Reunion at The Ferry in Alveston, Saturday 20th February 2010. From left to right: Brian, Sue Goo, Marian, Jen, Sue Gr, Chas, Jill and Sally

A Royal moment Sunday 1st June 1986. The Queen Mother visited Ripon during the City's 1100th charter anniversary celebrations. Ripon City Morris Dancers performed an unscheduled dance display at Fountains Abbey at the request of the Queen Mother, after she had spotted our flower-trimmed hats in the crowds.

The White Boys Play, Knaresborough Edwardian Sunday, December 2004

"In comes I, Doctor Brown, a pox doctor I, of high renown, to unpleasant cases inurred!"
"I have here in my pocket a little syringe!"


With Paul Freeman outside the Crown at Grewelthorpe on Monday 6th June 2005. The occasion of my 400th public performance with Ripon City Morris Dancers. At the same time the team was enjoying its 458th outing - but who is counting?! Team Captain, Ted Dodsworth, probably completed his 400 slightly earlier.

Wednesday 31st October 2007 outside the Drum and Monkey in Comberbach. A guest appearance as "Wild Horse" with the splendid Comberbach Soulcakers.


Hear the introductory song

Twostep (Jean Smith and Ian Craigs) at Seaton Delaval Hall on 3 May 2010

Clogarhythm at Clennel Hall Folk Festival May 2010

I should have taken up the fiddle, because playing the concertina seems as if it makes my brain hurt!

White Rose Morris Men's Nidderdale tour 4th July 2009. Photos courtesy Nick Barber.